Tony Lovasco's Voting Record

UPDATE: Due to the enormous number of final votes that occurred in the last month of session, I was unable to completely keep up with these explanations in real-time as I had hoped. As a result, the record listed below is still incomplete. Meanwhile, feel free to contact me for a detailed explanation regarding anything I haven't gotten to yet.

Unfortunately, while everyone seems to have appreciated that I am willing to do these posts, very few people appear to be reading them on a regular basis. Accordingly, I will likely adjust how I explain my votes for next session. I'm considering doing some kind of podcast, or perhaps regularly published video explanations instead. Stay tuned for details.

Below is a list of votes I've taken on final passage of bills. Click on the title to read my full explanation and reasoning regarding my vote.

Details regarding my votes on amendments will be included in the explanation for the parent bill if I feel it is especially relevant.

Note: If you'd like to view bill explanations without having to click each title, you can visit the expanded view version of this page instead.